Business Sanitation

Covid-19 Service:

Covid-19 has dominated our health concerns at home and at work since early 2020. We here at ICS have taken the time and effort to become certified and are fully equipped to prevent as well disinfect after a Covid-19 case has been suspected or confirmed. We are prepared at a moments notice to service any venue with EPA registered and CDC standard products to disinfect and kill the virus ensuring your office is safe for return when you are ready.
During both our prophylactic and post diagnosis services we begin with our touch-less method of disinfecting by spraying all appropriate areas with an electrostatic sprayer and afterwards wipe down all high touch surfaces.

Keeping Your Commercial Spaces Clean and Hygienic

Sanitization Services Tailored for Your Business

  • We follow CDC guidelines for sanitization and disinfection of your office or business. We consider each client's individual requirements for their location.
  • We tailor our sanitation/cleaning services to your business and specific needs. Whether your business is dealing with antiviral cleaning needs or cases dealing with Covid-19 we have the tools and staff to service your location.

Our Staff & Process

  • We take pride in serving our clients and will consistently provide workers you can trust and believe in following all safety guidelines. We hope to help with your business' safety/sanitation needs today and can provide continued janitorial services for the future.

Diagnosed Cases of COVID-19/Corona Virus

  • In case your location has a diagnosed case of Covid-19/Corona Virus, we know and follow all CDC Guidelines to sanitize your space so your business can resume normal function.

Our 4-Core Principles Include:

  • 24/7 Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Trusted & Trained
  • Safe & Green Friendly

We believe in simple and hassle free cleaning solutions whether they your business requires general cleaning or sanitization services due to COVID-19/Corona Virus. Contact us today for a consultation.